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The dispute with Simon Magus

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Following the detailed texts of his apocryphal Acts, Peter had a strong disagreement with an illustrious Palestinian, Simon Magus. Two moments of this dispute are illustrated at Monreale: the dispute that occurred before the emperor Nero and the failure by Simon Magus to show spiritual power.
The two inscriptions say: Here in Rome, before Nero, Peter and Paul disputed with Simon Magus. Here, under the command of Peter, as Paul was praying, Simon Magus fell to the ground (Latin: Hic Petrus et Paulus in Romam ante Neronem disputaverunt cum Symone Mago. | Hic praecepto Petro, et orante Paulo, Symon Magus caecidit in terram).

In the second scene, as Peter is speaking out against Simon Magus, with the usual Byzantine gesture of speaking [and not “blessing” as is often generally said by many nowadays], Paul is depicted as praying, on his knees with the palms of his hands facing upwards.