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Candle, paschal

A large circular base onto which a consistent quantity of wax was placed with a consistent wick, so as to illuminate the celebratory and assembly space.  From the archaic Christian era, the strong light deriving from it is a symbol of Christ, who rose from the dead during the night following Easter Saturday of the year 30.

CathedralFrom the Latin micro-phrase Domus Dei (House of God) or Domus Ecclesiae. It is a city’s main church. It is not the main church (cattedrale in Italian), in so far as it is not the only official headquarters of the bishop of the dioceses.

From cathedra (pulpit) a Latin term of Greek origin, indicating the bishop’s seat, during medieval times the semantic field was extended to indicate the church where the bishop officiated.  The basilical layout may be a Latin or Greek cross. In general the church is larger and is always the most important and only one in the dioceses.

A small area dedicated to worship, which is isolated from or part of an architectural complex. Also understood to be an altar in a church or oratory. The more wealthy members of the congregation often offered money to have a votive chapel built in their memory.


The part of the church reserved for the singers, positioned behind the altar, in the apse, generally consisting of wooden stalls, which are often engraved or inlaid, and with a lectern in the middle for holding the choir books. In the cathedrals of protestant countries it would be replaced by the organ.

Church, Church

(Chiesa in Italian) The Italian evolution of the Greek linguistic form 'ekklesìa', followed through in the Latin “ecclèsia”, the word originally indicated a normal “assembly” of people. More and more often over the centuries, it began to mean everything associated with the religion and management of the faithful or believers.


A load bearing architectural element generally consisting of a base, a shaft and a capital. About one third of the way up from the base it has a swelling and it contracts slightly towards the top (it is tapered).


An area situated under the presbytery of the church, where the remains of the holy martyr to whom the church is dedicated are kept. High-ranking prelates or other important religious or political figures were buried there. On occasion it extends and becomes a veritable underground church.


A triangular shaped architectural element generally used to crown a façade, a doorway or a painted panel, also used in tabernacles and ciboria.  A typical Gothic ornamental element.


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