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An architectural element used in Romanesque and Gothic architecture that, by dividing up the surface of a cross vault or a dome, offloads the weight of the same onto the capitals of the underlying pillars. The set of ribs or ribbing is called ribwork.

Right and left

To definitively find our way around the complexity of the sacred area, taking a loan of the descriptive option of the rivers or waterways with which the right hand bank is drawn, starting from the flow of the source, let’s consider the right side to be everything we see from the heart of the basilica or cathedral, that is, the main altar / choir, or better, the central apse, the original position of the bishop’s pulpit.

Rose window

A large circular window similar to a flower, characterised by ornamental motifs (small arches, banisters) arranged in rays, open at the centre of the façade of the Romanesque and Gothic church. Early-Christian basilicas did not require such a solution, as they were built to acquire the largest quantity of light possible from the large windows in the load-bearing walls. See the imperial basilica of Trier.


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