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Matroneo eng.A place reserved for women. In early-Christian and Romanesque churches with a basilican layout, it is situated on the side naves and overlooks the central one.  In buildings with a central layout it overlooks the area of the dome.
MedallionA sculpted or painted decorative motif, with or without representations.

A life form present in almost all religious traditions which consists of detachment from the world and the experience of a hermetic and / or community solitude – dedicated to the things of the spirit, to work and to the welcoming of wayfarers and pilgrims. 

Mosaic eng.

A figurative technique which consists of attaching small tiles or fragments of stone, marble or vitreous glass to a surface in such a way as to obtain various polychrome decorations by following a drawing. Given their elevated production costs, mosaics are as splendid as the abundance of financial resources available to have them made. 


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