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Termine Definizione

A place annexed to the church, mostly situated beside the main altar, in which the ceremonies are prepared and the vestments, altar cloths and holy vessels are kept. Occasionally referred to as the diconicum.

Sancta sanctorum eng.

The most sacred and precious interior section of the shrine is referred to with this Latin expression, it is situated in the centre of the temple or tent. Here the Ark of the Covenant is kept. The regulations did not allow anyone to enter it, outside of the High priest, once a year, during the solemn celebrations of the Kippur, or expiation of sins.


A wooden, terracotta, calcareous, stone or metal urn worked in different ways, in which the remains of the deceased were placed. It is decorated by bas or high reliefs.

Scandal eng.

A Greek term indicating the acute pain caused to the foot after having tripped on a sudden obstacle. In the New Testament the scandal is the same Messianic mystery of Jesus the Messiah/Christ, who came to be among his own in simplicity and mercy.


A container in which relics made of marble, ivory, glass or other materials are generally contained.


The base of a building, of a pilaster or of a statue. It is referred to as a plinth when it supports a column.steps
Elements for overcoming architectonical barriers or artificially designed to give a greater sense of prestige to a section of the area.


A pyramidal or conical shaped decorative architectonical element, positioned at the top of vertical structures such as bell towers and towers with buttresses and deriving from late-antiquity and medieval laces planned out for use as defence systems. Used in late-Romanesque, Norman and especially Gothic architecture.


The only access to the roof, often with hundreds of steps. Many cathedrals were destroyed by fires because it was impossible to bring water to the upper sections fast enough.


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