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La Casa del Sorriso Father Clemente

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La Casa del Sorriso is a non-profit association established in 1968 upon the initiative of the Capuchin fathers Gabriele Russo, Clemente Giadone and Francesco Paolo Biondolillo that works in the field of social activities. The association, with its registered offices in Via Baronio Manfredi, 27, Monreale, was acknowledged as a moral institution with presidential decree no. 468 of 2 June 1972, ratified by the Ministry of the Interior on 10 February 1999.
From 1970 to date La Casa del Sorriso has been involved in various sectors such as social assistance, community housing and civil service. In order to implement specific initiatives, La Casa del Sorriso works alongside other associations. For example, it has directly promoted the establishment of non-profit associations such as the I.R.F. Padre Clemente ONLUS which organises and implements initiatives aimed at giving young people at risk advice, professional training and admission to the world of work