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Cycles of the 1st tour
Cycle 1. The origins of the universe, earth and man (scenes from 3 to 11)
Cycle 2. Man and woman in Paradise (scenes from 12 to 19)
Cycle 3. Cain and Abel (scenes from 20 to 23)
Cycle 4. Noah, the flood and the Alliance (scenes from 24 to 30)
Cycle 5. Abraham, preceded by the event of Babel (scenes from 30 to 37)
Cycle 6. The patriarchs Isaac and Jacob (scenes from 38 to 44)

Cycles of the 2nd tour
Cycle 1. The cycle of Infancy
Cycle 2. From Baptism to the wedding feast of Cana
Cycle 3. The cycle of healings and miracles of the Messiah.
Cycle 4. The cycle of the Passion and glorification of the Messiah 

Cycles of the 3rd tour
Cycle 1. The cycle of Peter
Cycle 2. The cycle of Paul
Cycle 3. Prophets and Kings
Cycle 4. The Pantocrator and his Mother Mary
Cycle 5. The Etimasia and the angelical choirs