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Originally the Latin term devotio indicates an inner state of individual intense adhesion and dedication to God and to his bride, the Church. From the XVIII onwards it assumes the negative meaning of a popular, superficial way of behaving, exposed to the danger of declining into superstition.

Diaconicum eng.

From the Greek diakonìon, it originally indicated the place where the faithful were welcomed by the bishop. During the classic Byzantine era, it lost its original meaning and only indicates the area near the prothesis, to the right of the Sancta Sanctorum.


An architectural roof structure with a hemispherical, ogival or truncated conical shape, often set upon a ring-like base made of brick (tambour), which connects it to the underlying building. At the top there may be a small aedicule called a lantern.

DrumA cylindrical or polygonal body which connects the supports of the underlying building to the dome.

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