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The temptation at the Tree of life

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scena16-1.jpgThe biblical text used in the inscription combines elements from verses 3-4of chapter 3 of Genesis and the tempter snake says to Eve: You will never die if you eat it; and you will be like God (latin: Nequaquam moriemini si comederitis et eritis sicut Dii).
Eve is depicted with her left arm lowered, as though listening without bias. Moreover, her right hand, which is raised towards the snake, should be considered as a form of consent to listen to what is about to be said.

Introduced by a short sentence, the inscription uses part of the text from Genesis and, 6: Following the suggestion from the snake, the woman took the fruit and ate it and she gave it to her husband  (latin: Mulier suggestione serpentis, tulit de fructu et comedit deditque viro suo).
The narrative detail showing the snake biting on one of the forbidden fruits from the tree is quite interesting. For her part, with her left hand Eve is lifting another piece of fruit to her mouth and with her right hand she is holding one out to Adam. The latter does not pose any objections: This is deductible from his open left hand and his left arm which is in a position of normal sharing.