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The cathedral of Monreale

One of the world’s largest and most interesting mosaic covered surfaces can be admired in the Cathedral of Monreale, a city located near Palermo in Sicily. Financed and created by the Norman-Sicilian king William II, called “Il Buono” (the Good), the artistic area that we are about to visit leads us into cultural and religious worlds that may even help us to understand our twenty-first century although they are nine centuries old.


The Garden of Gold and Life

The designers and craftspeople appointed to create the mosaics in the cathedral of Monreale positioned everything referring to Jesus, the Messiah / Christ of the Father, in the Solea and Transept, the two aisles were used for depicting everything relating to public life. In actual fact, the latter solution is really not the best one for the tourist tour. It was chosen for the purposes of completeness of the mosaic art covering and to arouse wonder due to the vastness of the decorated surfaces.


The smile of the Humanity

Each type of visitor of the Cathedral, every man, can change his world of fears into the smile of beauty and conviviality. Casa del Sorriso, a non-profit association is involved in this initiative, wanted by the Sicilian Region.


Monreale and Sicily

The virtual tour in the Cathedral gives us the opportunity to come in contact with the Area of Monreale, Palermo and Sicily with a new feeling of the richness of its civilization: prehistoric, Punic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Norman, French, Spanish, and European