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2. New Testament a: The life of Jesus Messiah / Christ

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The designers and craftspeople appointed to create the mosaics in the cathedral of Monreale positioned everything referring to Jesus, the Messiah / Christ of the Father, in the Solea and Transept, the two aisles were used for depicting everything relating to public life. In actual fact, the latter solution is really not the best one for the tourist tour. It was chosen for the purposes of completeness of the mosaic art covering and to arouse wonder due to the vastness of the decorated surfaces. The choices in early-Christian Basilicas were more essential, their sole aim was to educate God’s People. This is another element that confirms the influence of the Norman king in the construction and decoration of the Church, which was destined to house the royal sarcophaguses. Having gone beyond the first triumphal arch and suitably accompanied by it towards the New and definitive Alliance, we encounter the scenes relating to Jesus’ childhood and the beginnings of his mission. We can divide up the rich iconic material into three parts: the block dedicated to the beginning of Jesus’ mission and his childhood – the fullness of the action of the Messiah, who came for the poor and those oppressed by sin; - the passion, the resurrection and the Pentecost, the fulfilment of the work of Jesus.

Cycle 1. Childhood and the beginning of Messianic activity
The childhood of the Lord and Master is narrated by the gospel according to Matthew and Luke and concludes with the dispute in the temple of Jerusalem. The beginnings of the Messianic mandate come to an end with the sign at Cana of Galilee.

Cycle 2 Healings and miracles of the Messiah.
A sign of the authenticity of the Messianic investiture and the saving and integral truth of his action, the section of scenes on healings and many miracles depicts the healing power of the Holy Spirit, a necessary pathway for the people to open their eyes and ears to the vision of salvation that will reach its climax at Easter.

Cycle 3 The Passion of Jesus, Resurrection and Pentecost
The resurrection of Lazarus and the Messianic entrance into Jerusalem introduce the celebration of Easter, sacrifice of the firstling and communion, with the Jewish rituals of immolation and consumption of the lamb, fulfilled with the true Lamb, the sinless firstling gift and the Lamb who takes on the sins of all men. With the resurrection and Pentecost, holy Easter, a period of forgiveness, praise and communion, becomes the universal mission of the holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

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